FREE Workshop: Monday 15 November

Sick of second guessing yourself and feeling stuck?

Are you:

  • Often feeling stuck in your head?
  • Finding it difficult to make decisions?
  • Regularly wish things were different than they are?
  • Trapped in thinking it shouldn’t have happened to you?
  • Blaming someone else for the way you are feeling?


  • Letting go of that burden and feeling the weight off your shoulders
  • Feeling confident in your decisions
  • Being empowered by your life experiences
  • Feeling an inner peace and sense of meaning
  • Believing in yourself again

Join this workshop and discover 7 easy-to-action tools to help you stop second guessing yourself and feel confident in your decisions.


You know how people feel unsure of the direction they’re heading in and who they are? Like they’re overwhelmed and just coping. 

I help them get clear on who they are, what they value and the direction they’re heading in life. 

I’m Sarah, through The Sparkles Project I offer 1:1 Coaching for those ready for deep support, intuitively create guided meditations and host sacred sisterhood circles to cultivate community and depth in connection.

The Sparkles Project is for those who want to prioritise their wellness and personal growth, shifting from feeling stuck and lonely to feeling inspired and connected, creating community and a sense of belonging.

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