I saw a sign (and how you can too)

Morning tears. Layers of emotions.
And a huge SIGN bringing JOY a few hours later…

Not all days are fun-filled and flowing.
Some days feel hard.

One emotion I can often identify quickly is grief.
I’ve particularly been missing my Mum lately.

They say the grief in relationship experienced can relate to the depth of love that was/is there.

Maybe you can relate?

Whether it’s someone who’s passed over or no longer in your life (you’re allowed to miss them).

Last week in a personal season of winter I created some time to chill out and be.

I watched an intriguing Netflix show I’d been recommended, ‘Surviving Death’, which to me can be summed up as “life after life”.

I’d learnt about asking for signs from passed over loved ones before and it came up again in an episode.

Asking my Mum for a sign of a butterfly to let me know she was around, almost instantly a decorative butterfly in my house caught my eye.

Laughing I decided I wanted to be more specific, and ask for live butterfly please…

A few days later on a chilly winters morning in the Waikato, walking with a friend, a butterfly on the footpath caught her eye.

It looked like the frosty morning had effected it, laying quite limp in the shade with dew on its wings.

Carefully picking it up (avoiding touching its wings) I walked to place it in the sun, in the hopes that might help.

Surrendering to The Universe, my request had gone from my mind… until I put it down.

Something clicked.
This was the sign I had asked for!!

A beautiful coming together, especially after the morning I’d had.

From the human-ness of the deep missing of not having my Mum physically here with me – to get advice or a hug from.

To the energetic connection which will always hold true and is there for me to connect with.

Having been through many challenges and ups and downs lately and in my life in general it was a beautiful reminder and this popular quote came to mind: “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end”.

“Everything will be okay in the end.
If it’s not okay, it’s not the end”


Do you also have a loved one who has passed away that you’d like to connect with?

Maybe you could try asking for a sign too:

  1. Pause, take a deep breath and bring yourself into the present moment
  2. Close your eyes, bring to mind who it is you want to connect with
  3. Let the corners of your mouth lift and a smile come to your face
  4. Feel love in your heart
  5. Ask with intention for what kind of sign you’d like from them (either out loud or in your mind)
  6. Surrender and see what happens!



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