Meditation Gathering

Want to go deeper into connection with yourself?

Does life sometimes feel really full and if you don’t book in some time for you it doesn’t happen?

Gather together in the warm and welcoming Sun Salute Yoga studio for a guided meditation experience.

Develop your spiritual practice and connect with like-minded souls.

Tuesday, 7.15pm-9pm

5th October
2nd November

Sun Salute Yoga Studio, Hamilton East

$22 + BF (online)

$25 cash (if not sold out prior)

Book now

Women’s Circle

Connect with other women craving depth.
We go beyond surface level conversations.

We are here to honour and give space for each other to share.

Practicing deep listening. 
We listen with compassion

When we open up and share we give permission for others to do the same. 

Showing up with an open and curious mind we realise that we are more alike than different.

An important part of our evening is gathering around delicious and nutritious snacks and chatting over a cup of tea. 

We ground our energy, nourish our bodies, and enjoy deep soul nourishing conversations. 

Sunday, 3pm-6pm

17th October

Sun Salute Yoga Studio, Hamilton East

Early bird tickets start at $55 + BF

Oracle Card Readings

Feeling a bit out of sorts?
Looking for some peace of mind and intuitive guidance?

I bring soul sent messages through for your best and highest good.

Focusing on what you need to know right now to give you some clarity.

My nine-card reading is in-depth using the gentle energy of Oracle Cards.

Hosted live on Zoom for about 90 minutes.

I encourage you to create a sacred space to connect from, such as lighting some candles and making a cup of tea or cacao.

Leaving our session feeling empowered.

9 Card Reading
$122 NZD

Please email to book

Sarah’s voice and energy brought trust, peace of mind and an openness to the space allowing me to truly connect with her power and the connection she has with the cards


Let’s share a love for life, soul growth
+ self discovery

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